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How to retrieve your emails using Yahoo Mail

The following are instructions for Yahoo Mail. For general help on emails please visit our Email Accounts page.

To set up a Yahoo Mail account to handle your email

Visit https://yahoo.com

Log in to your existing Yahoo Mail account or "Add Mail" through Yahoo.

Select "Settings" under the cog icon:

Select "Add" under "Accounts":

Complete the information as below.
User name is your full email address.
POP server is mail.YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.com
and copy the settings under POP server as below:

The checkbox "Use SSL" may have to be checked to work. Try without and if a fail message tick the box "Use SSL".

Confirm your mail and you good to go:

HELP! How can I see the confirmation email from Yahoo?
Log in through:
using your full email address as the user name and your password and select Mail and you should see your confirmation email from Yahoo.