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WebMail (Horde)

Screen display of Webmail

We can set up WebMail (Horde) for you so you can access your mails remotely from any computer or device online. You do not need to use WebMail and can continue to use Outlook Express or your preferred mail client instead if you prefer. Or use your mail client when in the office and switch to WebMail when you are on the road.

WebMail Settings

You will be able to retrieve your messages from any online computer at https://webmail.your-domain.com/ using your full email address and password supplied by art71. Please remember, for the security of your emails, if you suspect anyone may have accessed your computer and possibly obtained your password, you should change your password. You can change your password once you log in to WebMail.

How to use WebMail to change your password

Once you log-in to WebMail, select My Account > Password to modify your password. You can do this as many times as you like.

How to use both WebMail and your preferred email software

The default setting of Outlook Express and other mail software is to download all new messages from the server. However, you can configure the software to leave a copy of the message on the server. Look up Leave a copy of messages on server in your email software's help pages. With this setting you can continue using your email software as normal but you can log in from any computer on the Internet to view your messages if you are on the road or away from your main office computer.

Help! A message on WebMail shows a page error and can't be displayed

WebMail has a limit of 10Mb for incoming attachments and 5Mb for outgoing attachments so if you have been sent an email with an attachment larger than this you will see a "Page can not be displayed" error in the panel which usually displays your message. Ask your sender to reduce the size of the attachment. If you regularly need to share documents larger than 5Mb consider asking art71 to set up a web-based document sharing system for you. Emails are not a very good way to share documents larger than 5Mb!