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Email Management Help

You will need to login to our server management system to manage your emails. We will supply you with all the login information you require. If you get lost, just ask!

Create a new email account

Choose "Create Email Address"

Choose the name of your new email account

Select a password - please make it as complex as possible and do not re-use passwords :)

You can leave the mailbox size Unlimited as our service includes unlimited size

You can add a note to identify this account in the box "Description in Plesk" (optional)

Select OK

Email forwarding

Choose the "Forwarding" tab

Check the box "Switch on mail forwarding"

Type in one or more email addresses where you wish to forward mail

Select OK


Choose the "Auto-Reply" tab

Check the box "Switch on auto-reply"

Type in your automatic message in "Auto-reply message text"

Select OK

Spam Filter and Antivirus

Choose the "Spam Filter" tab

Check the box "Switch on spam filtering for this address"

Choose to flag the spam, simply delete them or send them to the spam folder

Under "Advanced settings" you can change the sensitivity of the filters or add to your black-list and white-list


Choose the "Antivirus" tab

Check the box "Switch on antivirus protection for this email address"

Select incoming, outgoing or both




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