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How to retrieve your emails using Windows Outlook

The following are instructions for Windows Outlook 365 and Outlook 2016 etc. For general help on emails please visit our Email Accounts page.

To set up a new mail account

Open Outlook
Select the "File" tab
Under "Account Information", select "Add Account".

Enter your email address and click Connect.

Select "Let me set up my account manually", and then select "Connect".

Choose the account type POP and then complete the POP settings:
Server: mail.YOUR-DOMAIN
eg mail.serenweb.com, mail.art71.co.uk
Port: 110
Leave these check boxes empty
Outgoing mail server: mail.YOUR-DOMAIN eg mail.serenweb.com
Port: 25
Encryption method: STARTTLS
Password encryption: leave blank

Click on Connect.
A login-dialog will open up.
Enter your e-mail-address and your password, check the option "Save the password in your password list" and click on OK.

If a warning appears about "Security certificate" select "Yes" [accept, confirm exception or ignore] - it is safe!

Summary of settings

Your name: whatever you want recipients to see
Email address: your.name@YOUR-DOMAIN

Server information

Account type: POP3
Incoming mail server: mail.YOUR-DOMAIN
Outgoing mail server: mail.YOUR-DOMAIN

Login information

User name: your.name@your-domain.com
Password: ********


Older Versions of Outlook

For older versions of Outlook, please follow these instructions:

To configure Outlook to enable secure server authentication

How to check or modify your mail settings in Outlook