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Our work

Seren Web and art71 manage, design and develop websites and applications for business owners, sole traders, charities and creative people. Since 2000 we have managed our own web servers for our clients and believe that we offer a friendly, effective service to create a successful online presence for you.

Owned by Mike Slater with our main business operated from mid Wales U.K. and Gulf Breeze Florida, the company is a UK and US registered business and has been trading continuously since 1st July 1995. SOME HISTORY


Bouncy Castle Sales We have found that Seren Web tries to understand our business and is sympathetic to our very specific requests... which is something that is very important to us as owners and operators of our businesses.
Pineapple Leisure
Powered by art71 since 2000




We have the expertise

Since 2000, we have run our own web servers and have 17 years' experience in keeping client business sites running every single day. With our technical team in Manchester UK we have developed the best possible setup to make sure your website is running every single minute of every single day.


2009 (99.99%)
2010 (100.00%)
2011 (100.00%)
2012 (99.999%)
2013 (100.00%)
2014 (100.00%)
2015 (100.00%)
2016 (100.00%)
2017 (100.00%)
2018 (100.00%)
2019 (100.00%)
Total down time in last 6 years is just 35 minutes = 99.9997% availability.


Our websites are fast

No-one has much patience online so we make sure our web servers are very responsive and we code client websites to be extremely fast. On good connections, our average client website currently downloads in:


0.76 seconds




Fully responsive websites

All client websites we manage are fully "screen responsive" on all devices. Screen responsive means webpages using the same online address whether they are on desktop or mobile, but "respond" according to the screen size of the device. This ensures our client sites can be viewed easily on everything from the smallest phone to large TV screens.




"Search ready" websites

There is no "secret" to search engine positioning. 1. Host your site on fast web servers with all the latest software updates. 2. Use responsive design. 3. "Content is King" and make sure you have relevant content. 4. Encourage some high-quality inbound links from websites already well positioned on the search engines. 5. Use social network platforms to promote your "brand" and 6. Work on page titles and descriptions.

We help all our clients in building a good search position. Some examples (among many) include position 1 on global search for "glass eyes", position 1 for "cleaning oak" and position 2 for global search on "race arches", position 5 on "rocking horse restoration" etc


Purley Language College We are really pleased with the service Seren Web offers. Mike has succeeded in getting us on the top page on Google (we were around page 25 before). This has had a positive effect on our revenues. We are extremely happy we chose to work with Seren Web.
Purley Language College, London