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Stripe How to manage your Stripe account.

To add a new products select "Products" in purple from the top menu. Then select "+ Add product"

Stripe help screen

Add the name, description and upload an image for your new product.

Stripe help screen

Type your price. If you want to include tax (Vat) in the price OR you are not Vat-registered uncheck the box "Include tax in price". If you want the Vat to be added to your price and shown as a Vat cost to your client tick the box "Include tax in price".
Select "One time" if this is a purchase with one transaction. If a subscription select "Recurring".
Select "Save product".

Stripe help screen

Your product has been added. Now select the link "Create payment link" to create a link from your website to Stripe for payments.

Stripe help screen

Confirm details of each transactions. If customers can change quantity tick the box "Let customers adjust quantity".
Select Collect customers address "Billing and Shipping address" if you need delivery address for the order.
"Add shipping rates" if you need to add a delivery charge.
Finish by selecting "Create link".

Stripe help screen

Stripe creates a unique payment link for you. This link can be sent to any customer. Or copy and paste it now to use on your website.

Stripe help screen

I suggest you keep a copy of all these payment links so you can easily send at any time in the future. You can also select "QR code" to make a QR code which you can use in shops, on leaflets or flyers.




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