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16th August 2017

Newly updated ecommerce site featuring unique pieces of 'Art to Wear' felt, handmade in the Chrysalis Studio in the heart of the Welsh hills

Chrysalis Art to Wear


25th July 2017

Relaunched website for Rocking Horse Works and sister business Oxford Rocking Horses

Rocking Horse Works   Oxford Rocking Horses


30th June 2017

Seren Corpus

In partnership with the Forensic Linguistics Institute we developed a corpus which allows an analysis of the occurance of words.

Seren Corpus


27th May 2017

Website for dog-friendly accommodation providers in mid Wales offering a Shepherds Hut in the heart of paradise

Dog Days Holidays


28th April 2017

New website for the Town Council of Llanidloes in mid Wales

Llanidloes Town Council


22nd April 2017

New website relaunched for Midlands based building services company run by Phil the Builder

Phil the Builder


19th March 2017

New guest house website for Blackpool-based Shore Stay including online enquiry booking system

Shore Stay Guest House


27th February 2017

New ecommerce webiste for Office Express with 13,000 product line and search by attributes

Office Express UK


11th February 2017

Relaunched website for promotion of Llanidloes, the First town on the River Severn

Llanidloes Wales


2nd January 2017

Website for nature artwork by Sue Whitehead

Nature Gallery Wales


5th December 2016

Think...Food app for take-away food businesses



31st August 2016

Polly Lovegrove

New website for interior and design photographer Polly Lovegrove

Polly Lovegrove


7th July 2016

Relaunched website for a cool-ective group of musicians: The Werewolves of Powys

Werewolves of Powys


27th June 2016

New website for service company offering cleaning and tending to loved ones' graves

Graves Attended - graveside service Welshpool


2nd June 2016

Relaunch of newsletter website for the convenience food industry

Global Cstore Focus


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